This month ,MAY, marks 9 MONTHS of YEAR IN RAINBOW! I officially started September 1st 2020!


Below are links to NINE videos I've made all but one "RAINBOW LOVE RITUAL" are free to view and only THREE DOLLARS and it not only comes with EARLY ACCESS to my videos, there are HUNDREDS of EXCLUSIVE BLOG POSTS and behind the scenes JOY! Consider supporting me on Patreon and join via (my page is labeled "adult" because of some nudity so you can't directly search for me on Patreon)


Three of green three of love: green is the color of the heart chakra and I realized after this year of isolation, I wanted to make a video with other people about the love of friendship! so after testing and vaccination I drove to the woods (Taylor mac's house of mary) with ashton muñiz and vic sin to make this video . . . 













IN MY RAINBOW ROOM: I've been basically stuck in my room for the better part of a year, I'm fortunate to have taken the time to make it a place I want to be . . .I can't help but feel stuck and also judging myself. I feel alone with my inner critic AND inner ally it's a complicated balance, but here I am!




Conceptual Art as Chakra Exploration! Chakramentory Episode 4: CONCEPTUAL CHAKRA YELLOW









CHAKRAMENTORY EPISODE 3: Chakra Makeup Meditation

This was inspired by a Mac Pro Sponsorship of some beautiful pigments. There is some nudity here, so NSFW (or if you have a child at home with you!)


Orange You Grateful for The Ocean?

I have been non-stop listening to Perfume Genius's new album " Set My Heart On Fire Immediately" and was so so SO INSPIRED by the ocean and the nature around my mom's house ( was there in ORANGE November to support her with some health stuff.) I decided to make something a bit more heartfelt rather than a Mockumentary for this month!




I was doing some stretches one day in October and thought, CHAKRACISE! I gotta make a Mockumentary about a woman who started her own exercise technique, names Shoshanna Chakra. Turns out is a REAL thing, I still haven't brought myself to watch the videos. Let me know if YOU DO! I'm mildly curious!






You probably have seen this one already, it's the FIRST OFFICIAL creation of Year in Rainbow! How fitting because it's a Mockumentary about Menstrual Slime Healing, the ROOT CHAKRA!







In August I did a two week trial/ dress rehearsal for Year in Rainbow and made a "pilot" of sorts. I was at Adrienne Truscott's and Eric Schmalenberger filmed this silly idea for me! Who knew it would turn into a series!!