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A little Rainbow Help, PLUS a FREE GIFT!

I'm home isolating being creative as much as possible, making videos for you . . .BUT I'm not going to sugar coat it, like the rest of the world it's been a hard time! I have had a regular jobs since I was 14 years old, I miss working and making collaborative art!

This is where I ask for your RAINBOW HELP! In September I started Year in Rainbow over on Patreon as a way to continue to make art and some income so I can generate enough funds to make said collaborative art! I am asking for THREE DOLLARS!!

That's right, I have two tiers, one is ONLY THREE DOLLARS! If ALL of you donated $3, I might actually be able to pay my rent! The other tier is a lot more money, because I offer A LOT of content, daily videos, handmade face masks, and Personalized Performances /Workshops!

FOR THE REST OF DECEMBER ONLY, I am offering a FREE GIFT ( a REALLY CUTE sticker with the image above by Johnel Clemente!) when you sign up for the rest of the month! My Patreon Patrons get exclusive behind the scenes content an the first SNEAK PEEK of WORLD PREMIER's of my UNCENSORED VIDEOS!

BECAUSE of the nudity in my videos on Patreon you CANNOT directly search for me, so either click the links above or go DIRECTLY TO

A BIT of GOOD NEWS (in addition to the Biden/ Harris win, it's official! Even though we all knew it was in November!) We are CLOSER TO SAVING THIS DEMOCRACY, all we need to do is control the SENATE for the DEMOCRATS! I know the system is DEEPLY FLAWED, but this race is VITAL in protecting a WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE, TRANSGENDER RIGHTS, OUR PANDEMIC RELIEF and MORE! I RECOMMEND that you PHONE BANK, it REALLY WORKS . . .below is information from

"Flip the West and Commit to Flip Blue are hosting virtual phone banks in support of the two Democratic challengers for U.S. Senate in the Georgia runoff. Democrat Jon Ossoff is facing incumbent Republican David Perdue, and Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock is facing incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler. This race will determine whether the Dems or Mitch McConnell control the U.S. Senate for the first 2 years of the Biden/Harris administration."

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