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OOOF! What a TIME to be alive! I'm GRATEFUL to be alive to witness a strong eloquent black woman so powerfully SLAY a white supremacist homophobic transphobic misogynist! Below is information on VOTING (voting early and mail-in ballots and PHONE BANKING! A Vote for Biden and Harris is a vote for SANITY!!)

In the meantime, wearing masks is a way of life to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19! So natrually I've incorporated masks into a part of Year in Rainbow! , if you sign up for my Patreon (Yellow tiers and above) TODAY ONLY (BEFORE 11pm EST), you get a FREE FACE MASK from the RED MONTH with amazing Luma Rouge art on it!!

In addition to a FREE MASK you get to see NEW WORK ! YES! I made a Mockumentary about menstrual slime healing, the series is called Chakramentory and it's THE FIRST of minimum 6 episodes (I may make other experimental videos throughout the year!) Basically each month I'm making a BRAND NEW color based Experimental Video!!

These masks are 100 percent cotton, adjustable, reversible, come with a filter and filter pocket and are HAND MADE by YOURS TRULY! If you sign up for one of the tiers that already has a mask, you will get a RAINBOW MASK in ADDITION to the mask. Here are 4 masks I made first come first serve, go DIRECTLY TO because my Patreon is labeled "adult" so unfortunately you can't search me out!


THE WORLD-we have a horror show of a president! Our people are dying on the daily because of white supremacy and the failure that is capitalism. PLEASE VOTE, we need to douche OUT the oval office of some MAJOR EXCREMENT! This whole paragraph is a link to check if you are registered to vote!


Once you do THAT then you can head on over to see when to VOTE EARLY at THIS LINK


PHONE BANKING WORKS!! I've done it, and so are lots of my friends! VOLUNTEER to call folks in swing states! It will probably be registered Democrats so it's not a hard sell, you just make sure that folks are voting and ask them if they want to volunteer, it's easy and FUN!!

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