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May be a While

Do you feel like you are waiting? Waiting for something to happen? Waiting for a cure? Waiting for a vaccine? Waiting waiting waiting!?

WELL, fortunately there are MANY opportunities to ENTERTAIN yourself WHILE YOU WAIT this MAY!

I'm on Taylor Mac's The Trickle Up NYC, it's a super fun collaboration of performing artists, you pay $10 a month for a subscription of over 50 artists, such as Adrienne Truscott, Machine Dazzle, Alan Cumming, Taylor Mac, Bridget Everett. All the money goes DIRECTLY to the artists, which as you know have been OUT OF WORK since March. Many folks haven't been able to get on unemployment, so even just ONE MONTH of a subscription would be AMAZING! I've made a BUNCH of new videos, NEVER BEFORE SEEN, more will be uploaded later this month, below is a sneak peek from "White Lady Baking" Go Check out and subscribe TODAY!

I'm ALSO a guest on Good Night with Scooter Pie: Part 1 AND Part 2


MONDAY May 11, 2020: BathSalts with Macy Rodman and Severely Mame 10pm on ZOOM! RSVP to to get the zoom address!

TUESDAY May 12, 2020: SchlepTastic with The Schlep Sisters 8pm on Minnie Tonka's Instagram LIVE @minnie_tonka

WEDNESDAY May 13, 2020: join me in the virtual audience for A NIGHT OF BOWIE with Ruby Wednesday 3pm NYC time/ 8pm BST at @mxrubywednesday proceeds go to Cabaret Vs Cancer!

THURSDAY May 14, 2020: The Orangeacle Oracle and Friends with Special Guest The Maine Attraction 8pm on Instagram Live @darlindajust and Facebook

FRIDAY May 15, 2020: BooBess and Kirra Cheers CABIN FEVER 3.0 9pm ZOOM 832-7197-8352

SATURDAY May 16, 2020: Jantina's Twerlesque Burlesque in Bed 8:30pm on ZOOM

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